Glitch SpoMa

Unexpect the Expected

          Task: Create attention grabbing visuals that will live on football talents’ social channels to promote themselves as well as their boot sponsorship.

          Unexpect Me’ is the key concept of the campaign in which every interchangeable skin of the football boot is radically different, leaving the opponent confused and unaware of what’s going to happen next. We created a campaign around this concept of diving into the world of weird and slightly cheeky visuals that go with the character of the boot.

We used two up-and-coming players, Josh King and Dom Solanke, to market the Prep, Exert and Mad pack. We took inspiration from clever rips, strange collaging and poppy colours to make the artwork quirky but engaging.

Art Direction
Graphic Design

Tom Loveless & Matt Wood
Elliot Willcox


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